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The Empathic Heart Libby L. New York, NY

The Empathic Heart

Contact Phone: 732 860 8875

Libby L. New York, NY

Laura blew me away. She’s worked on me remotely twice (I live in New York). The first time, was right after I had minor surgery. I never told where the procedure was done. After I woke up to read her assessment of me, the first thing she mentioned was that she picked up right away on the pressure of the exact location; she also knew which chakras were off, and balanced them, then removed unhealthy cords from lingering unhealthy relationships, a difference I most certainly felt immediately. The next time I was treated, I was feeling completely off balance, she knew (amongst several other things) that I was iron-deficient, which helped me get back on track health-wise. She is also a lovely, caring, person who wants only to give you the information she receives to empower and heal you. I HIGHLY recommend her.

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